Last week when I was watching a movies through online I got a link which was concerned about the pokies. Prior to this one I had never been to this type of game and never did the gambling. Somehow I clicked the link and entered in the world of online pokies which was the memorable moment of my life. It gives me a lot of fun and I really enjoy it during my spare part of time. The game which I went for was Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune which is really awesome and the concept are somehow based on the block buster movie Robin Hood.

This is the five reel poker machine in which you will get huge number of ways of sinning which is about 243 and can be found on the site of microgaming. The betting can be done with at least 30 coins and the ranging amount can be $0.01 to $0.05 that means the minimum bet of $0.30 per spin. This may not be the high waging for the one who go for high betting because the character of this one was never the friend of the richer one.

According to my experience this one is the best pokie for the new comer to make start with and they can perform well after having the complete view of the tutorials and the review of the blogs which are posted for this one. The wild logo of this one is the symbol of the entitled one only which appears on every reels and for getting the maximum win you will have to hit at least five in a row. The graphics is although quite similar to the scene of the movie which is very refreshing one and the interface of this one is filled with the things which are related to the main character. As we know that Robin Hood had always helped his friends in the same way he will help you to get the win of the prizes and at some stages some real capital too. Make your fortune with him.