Days have gone very hectic, our pack of three friends having some serious issues with various aspects of life. In terms of family, relationship & career, we all were facing problems. So we all decided to take a week off and take a voyage and have some fun together. So we booked premium tickets to Vegas and a large suite to party there like king size.

So we took off from Florida and got there in not so long, getting there in the suit very first we get refreshed and I decided to take some rest while one of us was pretty desperate for the girls and the casinos. Even I was not willing but they took me as well.

So went to this huge section of the hotel, called the play zone. As we entered in to the section, the other two get stuck with the roulette and was observed it for some while I grabbed some drinks to get over with the jetlag.

As then one of the attendant came and asked if i want to bet, I pointed him to my buddies and guess they made it and agreed as he asked. And when it comes to me I wouldn’t have bet that early without reading the review and knowing about the system. So I decided to look out online about the game.

And I found that there are two types of bet that one can play with the inside bet and the outside beta and its name is derived with a French word meaning little spinning wheel. I also tried to search some machine tips and methods to cheat roulette but could not find any. But few tips seemed to working after I told them. and when they applied it made some difference and we won some rounds eventually.