One weekend morning me and my lovely daughter was sitting in our drawing room and watching some cartoon. She loves cartoon so mostly whenever I got time I use to spend some time, her favorite character is Tom and Jerry. She also like to animated movies.

Once my friend arranged a cocktail party and he invited me over there, I went there and many of my friends available so I had spent a good evening with these guys. We were having beer, whisky and some vodka and discussing about businesses and recently one of my friends opened a casino and resort in the new orelens. He invited us to come there and play with some new gaming machines which was recently came into the market.

One day on the weekend me and my 2-3 friends went there and entered inside his casino, I was really surprised it was pretty cool and well furnished with the different tables and other gambling games. We all played first with the multiple tables and I won hefty cash in it, so I thought to try new pokies because they are easy in playing and give number of chances to win it.

I saw a new slot machine which was hellboy, and before I already watched a movie with the same name so I chose that one to play. It was some five reel and 20 payline poker, and if you are fan of mike mignola comic then you will love it, it is about some fight of supernatural threads so you will enjoy the theme and the concept of this slot. The minimum bet is $0.01 and the maximum bet 0.25 coin can be played.

Abe Sapien, the pyrokinetic Liz Sherman, aquatic agent and the hellboy himself these are the reel symbols which the player has to match. It is very interesting machine with the many offers and prizes. Well I enjoyed it a lot and I hope you will also like it, so play it and good luck!

Glitz Slot Machine

WMS’ Money Burst slots have been a hit online, and Glitz is no exception. Like most additional online slot games, Glitz has a sister slot at land-based casinos. Its success prepared it for its online release in November 2012. This game features a theme of jewels, as the title suggests. The game features five reels and 60 pay lines, free spins, wilds, and a unique set of reels.

Specially Arranged Reels

Glitz is a slot machine that offers players a new way to win. This game has a brand new slot format that replaces the five-reel traditional setup. Your wins will be determined by the first two reels. If you split your bets between the two lines of the first reels, you can wager as much as 90 coins per turn. There are multiple ways to win.

It All Glitters

This game revolves around precious stones and jewels. Topaz, Amethyst, and the letter G are all symbols. While you can hear some soothing jazz music playing in the background when you press the spin button, the game is visually dull and lackluster. Other aspects make up for the shortcomings.

Notable Features

Many online casino myths claim that this game is more popular than the one you can find at a land-based casino. We want to dispel these myths. Surprisingly, WMS didn’t have more features with such rich themes. They have standard features like wilds. In this instance, the wild symbol is indicated by “Wild.”You can substitute any regular logo with the Wild, except the Dollar sign.

You can trigger the free spins in three different ways. The Free Spins feature is activated by appearing 4 type symbols (G symbols, wild substitute, or G symbols) on the first two reels. You can also see scattered dollar symbols on the 3rd, fourth, and 5th reels. This combination will give you 20 free spins. If the G, or wild, does not appear on reels 1, 2, and 3, you will be taken back to the screen. Here you will need to choose a jewelry box. If the value for the symbol you select in the box is greater than that of the character on the reels, the desired logo will replace the sign on the reels.

The Free Spins feature can be triggered by three scatter symbols appearing on reels 3, 4, and 5. Five free spins will be awarded and you can choose a jewelry box to replace the characters on the first or second reels. You can also activate the Free Spins feature if you have four of a kind symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3. You will receive five free spins. The reels 1 and 2 remain in place during the Free Spins. You will get additional Free Spins when you land the dollar scatter on reels 3, 4, and 5. All Free Spins are affected by this.

It is suitable for all budgets. It is a 60-line, 3-reel slot game that allows you to wager up to 90 coins. You can bet as little as 0.30 cents. It’s a minimal price to pay for jewelry; I don’t think so.

General Opinion

Glitz is an awesome Linux-compatible casino game. This game stands out thanks to the Pick a Jewelry Box feature. The Money Burst games offer a high payout potential. Glitz is simple enough to enjoy if you’re not bothered by its design.

From the adrenaline rush of Hellboy, we plunge into the effervescent brilliance of Glitz, an epitome of casino enchantment. This slot game, Glitz, designed by WMS, isn’t shy about its promise of dazzling riches. Packed with dynamism, Glitz rolls out a spectrum of glittering gemstones, each symbolizing the tantalizing prizes that may be a spin away. The game is an overture of luxury, a brilliant display that spellbinds gaming enthusiasts.

Contrary to the static nature of several other games, Glitz dares to deviate, reinventing the wheel or, more accurately, the reel. Its unique format transcends the conventional five-reel setup, presenting a gaming environment that fully absorbs its players. In Glitz, the first duo of reels aren’t mere bystanders; they hold the reins of your game’s destiny. The option to gamble a whopping 90 coins per spin boosts the thrill quotient and puts many winning combinations on the table.

The crowning glory of Glitz, however, lies in its unique features. Standing in for any regular symbol barring the Dollar sign, the Wild unlocks a whole new dimension of possibilities. The Free Spins feature, like an ace up Glitz’s sleeve, can spring into action in three distinct ways, infusing the gameplay with an element of surprise and suspense.

Sure, the aesthetic realm of Glitz may only resonate with some. Its visual appeal, deemed less colorful by some, maybe a point of contention. Yet, the allure of potential rewards, complemented by a groundbreaking reel layout and fascinating features, offsets any perceived aesthetic deficiencies.

Glitz is not just a game; it’s a promising and enjoyable casino escapade. Its charm emanates from its uncomplicated nature blended seamlessly with a high earning potential. Standing out among its contemporaries, Glitz takes pride in its unique Pick a Jewelry Box feature. Although graphics may not be its strongest suit, the glimmering allure of Glitz has a way of bewitching the hearts of casino enthusiasts.

Glitz, a slot game that’s more than just a pastime, offers a captivating portal to a realm where luck is at the heart of every spin. The design is deceptively simple, a clever ploy that spotlights gameplay, steering clear of the sensory bombardment often associated with more flamboyant graphics. On its reels, each gemstone isn’t merely ornamental; it carries a deeper significance – a harbinger of potential riches, a beacon of hope for every enthusiast who dares to dream.

Venturing further into Glitz’s core, the Money Burst feature emerges as a striking innovation. This element shakes up the traditional slot paradigm, infusing a novel thrill for those yearning for something unorthodox. With each spin, there’s a palpable build-up of excitement – a shared aspiration among players to align the perfect meld of jewels and icons, unlocking the game’s hidden bounty.

Glitz shows a remarkable inclusivity in its appeal. It doesn’t matter if you’re the kind who wagers big or someone who indulges in a leisurely flutter; the game’s betting spectrum is designed to embrace all. Bets start at a humble 30 cents, a gentle nudge for the cautious, while the ceiling of 90 coins per whirl beckons the more audacious. This elasticity in betting ensures that Glitz is a game that transcends economic boundaries, appealing to a diverse array of players.

A particularly intriguing aspect is the “Pick a Jewelry Box” feature, which is far more than a mere bonus – it’s a strategic pivot that injects depth into the gameplay. Players are nudged into making judicious choices, as these decisions have tangible implications on their potential winnings. This introduces a refreshing layer of engagement and decision-making, ensuring that no two rounds of play feel quite the same.

The charm of Glitz also lies in its harmonious blend of unpretentiousness with the promise of lucrative outcomes. The game eschews complex graphics and convoluted narratives in favor of straightforward, enthralling gameplay paired with the prospect of significant gains. This balance makes it an ideal match for both the seasoned casino aficionado and the novice seeking a game that’s easy to grasp yet rich in reward potential.

In essence, Glitz is a quintessential representation of what makes slot games so alluring. Its novel reel configuration, combined with the compelling “Pick a Jewelry Box” feature and the potential for hefty rewards, renders it an essential experience for anyone seeking the thrill of the casino. Whether it’s the allure of the gleaming jewels or the rush of the gamble that draws you in, Glitz promises a gaming journey that’s not only enjoyable but also offers the possibility of substantial profit.