When I was in Australia last week for my business meeting, after the meeting I went to the rock concert with some colleagues. It was my dream to see live performance of my favorite singer with his band. I made a video and uploaded on the youtube.

I was greeted by a gentleman who seemed very friendly and sat next to me. He also spoke a little with me. He invited me to come back outside and gave me his card. The next day, he called me and asked for me to meet him at his house.

When I entered his house it was very beautiful and amazing, so we talked some and had our drinks. After some time I asked him about his business then he told me he did nothing special so I was surprised with this and could not resist without asking him so he told me about the online casino games which he plays. He was a very experience player and I was a newbie in this so I asked more about it then he showed me his gaming room where he mostly played. He also told me that it can be played on the mobile through the app, all I needed to do is download the application from the internet. He also told me about his latest slot machine which I was playing, he suggested me to if I had any difficulty then I can search on the net.

I was returning to my house after a weekend and found the high5. I found the high5 on a single payline, three-reel poker machine that paid the highest payout of 15000 coins. Instant play was a very appealing feature of this machine. Once you play, you’ll see why I said this.

Frozen Inferno Slot Machine

WMS is happy to provide this high-variance, complex slot title with a wizardry visual theme. You will be mesmerized by the stunningly rendered symbols. This video slot features a five-reel, 3-row, and 40-pay-line layout.

This game piggybacks on various mystical, ancient themes popular in wide-stream media. Common magic themes include fire and ice. They are two of the most important elemental symbols in ancient worship and magical spells. George R. R. Martin’s fantasy novel is called “a song of fire and ice,” co-incidence WMS. You could easily see links between this game, the Lord of the Circles movie trilogy, and the viral Game of Thrones TV show.


Frozen Inferno is a new way to say epic theme. You start the game by choosing a mode by character. You can pick from the fire mage or the ice wizard. They have the same human features but are dressed and colored according to their elements.

The frozen game is set in a glacial mountain range against a starry sky. The reel symbols feature deep vibrant blues, whites, and the sticky wild symbol, which acts as an iced-over window at one position.

You will see a similar background when you start the inferno section of the title. The blue and white icons of the previous game are replaced with burning reds and smoky icons. However, the glacial mountains have been replaced by burning volcanoes.

Designers often overlook reel icons, but they are intricately designed and beautifully constructed. You will find parchment spell scrolls, enchanted rings, wizard staffs, and many other heroes from the ancient mystical genre. This game was a real collaboration between the graphics and audio teams. They created various sound effects and a dark, creepy musical theme.


Although the gameplay is not neglected, I recommend that you play this free slot game with a bonus no-deposit bonus before you switch to real cash mode. The sheer number of symbols available on the 40 pay lines can make it difficult to ignore the pay table.

Each game begins with one wild symbol on the reels. It can move in fire mode or freeze in place if it plays like an ice wizard. Each way adds one wild symbol at a time until five are accumulated. The bonus round then initiates, giving you a random number of free spins.

The ice is sticky, and the fire is transferring wild. Both sets of wilds become active when you enter the spins bonus round. They will move to the same reel as the ice wild. Each winning spin causes one game rotation to turn to the opposite element, starting on the left reel. You will need both sets to maximize your win. Once five wins have been achieved, the free spins round ends. Your number of spins is less crucial than in a traditional slot game. The number of potential wins is fixed.

The second bonus feature you will find is an easy pick-a-win bonus game. You visit an ancient warlock to select from the crystal balls available. Your final bonus value will be the uncovered credit and a random multiplier.


This game structure sounds complicated, and it is. While there are some nice wins in the base round, the bonus game aspect is limited. WMS could have done more, given how much time, effort, and music were invested in the visuals and theme. It is still a great game and will be loved by fans of the genre. NetEnt’s Fantasini might be eclipsed in this magical arena.