Girls With Guns was a hit with us. This controversial Microgaming slot, featuring alluring femme fatales with massive guns, was a big hit with us and the fans – hence, Girls With Guns II. It is a blockbuster movie. Microgaming used a larger budget to ensure the sequel exceeded gamers’ expectations.

The landscape has changed since the first slot, as the title implies. In the first Girls With Guns, our well-armed heroes were busting a cap in the jungle a la Predator. In Frozen Dawn, they are packing heat in a snow-capped Arctic. Who knows why the girls have moved? Microgaming may have decided to hide the girls because of feminist criticism (their original outfits left little room for imagination). It’s easy to embrace the frozen theme.

You can win 243 different ways

Girls With Guns II Frozen Dawn has five reels and 243 winning ways, like the original game. This means you will get a winning combination as long you have adjacent symbols with matching icons. You’ll have to bet 30 coins for each spin of the reels to claim the 9,000-coin jackpot. You can gamble up to 15 credits on each payline (450 total); three coin denominations are available: 0.01, 0.02, and 0.05.

Arctic Tundra

In the pale afternoon light, the backdrop of the reels shows snow-capped peaks and valleys. The Alps, perhaps?Maybe. If authenticity is that important, playing at a Swiss Online casino is essential. The girls are fully armed and ready to fight.

Minor icons are standard playing cards from 10 to Ace. The girls are the most valuable symbols. It’s fantastic that the first game’s cast returned for the sequel. We have Katherine as the squad leader, Maria from Artillery; Kira from Demolition; Alex from Tactical, and Zoe, from Tactical.

The Girls With Guns Logo is once again the wild symbol in the game. Like most, it is a wild symbol that substitutes all symbols except for the scatter. In this case, the scatter icon. But there’s more than one wild. The game also has a unique Wild – the silhouettes of six girls. This wild appears only in the base game and covers the entire third reel. The regular wild, however, appears on all of the reels.

Free Spins and Shootouts

Frozen Dawn has several bonus features. The Shootout Bonus is a randomly-awarded feature that comes into play when you fail to win despite your best efforts. When one of the girls fires her gun, you will know you have been selected for the Shootout Bonus. You must then choose one of the three symbols she is aiming for. You can see the prize amount when you shoot at the target. Prizes are modest: you can expect to receive an amount equal to your bet.

Free spins are the game’s primary bonus feature. Land three or more scatters anywhere on the reels, and you’ll get 12 free spins. It’s not a regular free spin round. You’ll receive one or two bonuses during your spins: magnetic or frozen wilds. You will also receive a prize of 2x,20x, or 100x your stake.

The sticky wilds remain in place until the third spin, after which they will melt. While they are in play, this gives you more chances to make winning combinations. If you are lucky enough to get wilds on a whole reel, the frozen symbols will not thaw during the remainder of the game.

The magnetic wilds work differently. If a wild is on the fifth reel, it will be moved to the first reel during the next spin and stay there for the remainder of the round. You’ll hope to stack more wilds as you play the remaining free spins.

Frozen Dawn, just like the first film – ahem – we mean Slot, does away with the cascading of coins to celebrate your wins with an animated sequence. The girls are snowboarding, riding a snowmobile, and firing their guns.

Girl Power

Girls With Guns II Frozen Dawn has a great slot game. The sequel will be debated, but you have many options with the 243 ways to play, the combination of wilds (regular and special), and the bonus features. The potential to profit is high, even if some wins are small.

Gladiators Gold Slot Machine

In the Roman Empire, gladiators would fight each other or wild animals to death in the local stadium.

Gladiators Gold is a Microgaming video slot machine game inspired by these legendary warriors. They lived in harsh conditions, were mainly enslaved, and had no fundamental human rights. Their only hope was that they would become legendary gladiators and gain the favor of their master. You will be in their shoes and try to win the jackpot instead.

Find out how to play Gladiators Gold in the best possible way and win gold, glory, and fun while the reels spin.

Enter the Arena

Gladiators Gold is a retro-style slot machine game. However, the graphics need to be better with other games.

Aside from the reels, several command buttons and symbol lists are on the game screen. In the background, a relatively happy gladiator is posed with a sword and chain. While his broad smile may seem welcoming, remember that gladiators in the Roman Empire were among the most ferocious warriors.

In the distance, you can see some stadium features, like marble columns and cheering spectators. Gladiators Gold is dated.

Before you fight, make sure to know the rules.

Gladiators Gold is a retro-style slot machine that follows some simple rules.

The game matrix has only three reels and three paylines. The reels may stop between symbols after a spin. This could invalidate an entire combination. You must line up three characters on a payline to win. You can modify your bet size and number of paylines by using the command bar under the reels. Use the (+) or (-) buttons and the bet one switch.

You can always put an extra bit on the table to boost your earnings. The bet maximum shortcut makes this risky maneuver easy. You can bet on all three paylines in the next round with just one click. It is essential to use it with caution but feel free if your luck is good.

You have never seen a paytable so simple.

Knowing the symbol menu can help you identify winning combinations quicker. Gladiators Gold should make this no problem.

Paytables are limited to two types of symbols, bar signs, and sevens. The paytable is based on combinations, as it was in old-school games. The bar signs are not only the most common but also the least valuable. Three bar signs are the lowest combination to pay, followed by single, double, or triple bar combinations in a line.

Sevens are rare, but they pay out more significant rewards. The sevens can be red or golden, but mixing both in one combination will still pay a modest premium. The golden sevens are next, followed by three red sevens. This combination can award you up to four thousand times your bet. Red seven blends are rewarded differently depending on their payline – diagonals are the most rewarding.

The epic battles of history

Gladiators Gold is a simple game that has elementary graphics and gameplay.

You won’t find special symbols or features such as scatters and wilds. Gladiators Gold offers some big cash prizes, but a lack of variety can make the game boring. If you’re not a colossal gladiator fan, you may need help to keep playing the game.