With thirty pay lines, Deck the Halls, the free Christmas slot online casino game will get you in the festive mode. Play this five reels and three rows slot game while you are embellishing your hall for the Christmas.

Microgaming Deck the Halls includes five reels and thirty pay lines. The festive jovial theme will have you in a joyous holiday mode with its snowy Christmas related visuals and the delightful Christmas carols will have you dancing in joy. There are loads of multipliers, free spins, wilds and stack symbols in the Deck the Halls slot machine game.

Basics of Playing The Game:

Get into the true Christmas spirit with Deck the Halls which includes the chances of your winning, on one bet, up to 2.4 million coins. In this famous Microgaming festive-theme online game, go wild with loads of free spins and stacked symbols.

With the help of the different controls on the screen, you can begin a game of Deck the Halls. To change the base quantity, you can use the plus and minus buttons below the coin. The quantity of coins on every line can be altered by clicking on the “coins”. Change the amount of pay lines you want with the help of “Lines” control. To start the game, simply click “Spin” or to wager the maximum possible amount of 300 coins, click on “Bet Max”.

Christmas symbols such as Stockings, Reindeer and various Ornaments will fall down the reels every time you press spin. The highest value symbol is Santa and it is stacked which means that the chances of its appearing in more than one winning mixtures are higher.

Extra Features:

To make our craziest dreams come true, the Santa in the game offers the players a chance to win 2,400,000 coins. You can win more bonus within the game with the stacked Santa. With the exception of Scattered Bells, logo of the game is the Wild which can replace all symbols while doubling the wins.

Not only is the Wild stacked, in Deck the Halls, there is a possibility of winning double prizes when in the free spin round of 10 spins. Despite trying to make it more festive, the developers were constrained by space on the reels. But do you really care about jingle bells and other ornaments when you have the probability of quadrupling your winning in the free spins round by landing on stacked Wild. To get you even more joyous and in the Christmas cheer, the possibility of restarting the free spins is all the miracle you need.

The Nitty Gritty of the Game:

If you are already humming Christmas carol Deck the Halls when you start the game, you will be surprised to be greeted by another carol as a musical score for the game, the Twelve Days of Christmas. Get into the holiday cheer by singing loudly with the carol as you play the game. No matter the time or the season, there is something magical about a Christmas carol which always brings you to a joyous mood. Same goes for this holiday-themed slot game, you will find yourself caught up in the Christmas spirit even if it is the middle of August with its thirty pay lines. You can adjust the play lines and opt for as many as you want.

Deck the Halls stands for the spirit of Christmas, the art of selflessness and altruism. Enter the free spins features (10 free spins)to double all your winnings when you spin three scatters on your screen, in this game two golden bells. Not only that, you can restart the free spin features and the chance of landing 2.4 million coins. The logo of the game, Deck the Hall, is the wild in this game and not only can it replace all your symbols to make your winning combinations but use it in your combination and your win is doubled. Things like stockings, Santa, turkey, ornaments and even a Christmas tree make up the rest of the symbols, going with the theme.

Same Old Slot Thrill At Modern Casinos:

Despite there being advancement in the casino games, old timers and some other still seek their fill of gambling and fun from the traditional slot machines at the online casinos. They will always forgo more modern innovative slots, 3D slots and video slots in favor of the classic old slots.

There is a generous selection of classic old time three and five reels slot machines on the website for the people who are more into the classic feel.

Our aim is to make sure you enjoy your time here; it does not matter if you are into the famous Microgaming Jackpots or a fan of fruit themed slots by the likes of Novomatics or are a lover of traditional slots. So be ready to spin it and try your luck at winning big.


For the people who cannot wait the whole year for Christmas and miss the festive feel of it, Deck the Halls is the game for them. It doesn’t matter you need a cheer me up with Christmas carols or just need to feel the spirit of Christmas, Deck the Hall is an online slot game, available year round.

This online slot game is nothing out of the ordinary but there are some nice extra features added to make it more enjoyable with its 5 reel, 30 pay-lines. You can try your hand first on the free of charge demo mode to get the sense of the slot game and see if it is the right slot for you and then you can go on to play for big money. The amount you bet is totally up to your discretion, from pennys to NZD75.

Deck the Halls: Where the Spirit of Festivity Meets Gaming Prowess

Imagine a game where the magic of Christmas intertwines seamlessly with the thrill of slot gaming. Enter ‘Deck the Halls’, Microgaming’s festive offering, a title that transports players straight to the heart of holiday cheer, irrespective of the calendar’s verdict.

Gaming Aesthetics and Interface:

One of the standout features of this game is its artistic graphics. Detailed illustrations capture the quintessence of Christmas. As the reels spin, players are met with exquisitely designed symbols from traditional festive elements like warm, crackling fireplaces, glistening Christmas trees, and sumptuous roasted turkeys. The graphical fidelity ensures that every spin is a feast for the eyes, immersing the player deeper into the Yuletide spirit.

Beyond the visual delight, the user interface is intuitive. Seasoned players will find it familiar and easy to navigate, while beginners will appreciate the straightforward design that lets them dive straight into the action without a steep learning curve.

Engaging with the Community:

It’s not just about individual gaming; Deck the Halls also fosters community. With the rise of streaming platforms and gaming communities, it’s not uncommon to find enthusiasts hosting Christmas-themed slot tournaments. Players from around the globe converge virtually, sharing strategies, celebrating wins, and building connections, all while rallying around this beloved title.

Cultural Impact and Legacy:

Over time, Deck the Halls has achieved a cult status among online slot aficionados. Its appeal isn’t limited just to its rewarding gameplay mechanics. The game has managed to tap into the nostalgia and longing associated with the festive season. It’s become more than just a game; it’s a cherished tradition for many, revisited annually to relive the Christmas magic.

Online forums and communities often buzz with personal anecdotes. Some reminisce about their first big win on the game during a snowy Christmas eve, while others recount heartwarming tales of playing it as a bonding activity with loved ones during the holidays. These narratives, interwoven with the game’s legacy, elevate its status from a mere slot game to an integral part of many individuals’ festive traditions.

Why Deck the Halls Remains a Favorite:

Modern gaming continually evolves, with augmented reality and virtual reality slots already making their mark. Yet, Deck the Halls retains its charm. The game encapsulates the essence of what many love about slots: simplicity, the thrill of the unknown, and the potential for reward. Coupled with its festive theme, the game offers an escape, a brief respite, transporting players to a world of holiday cheer and wonder.

Wrapping it Up:

Deck the Halls is more than just symbols and pay lines; it’s a celebration of the holiday spirit, a bridge between tradition and modern gaming. As the holiday season approaches or even in the heat of summer, remember that this slot offers a slice of Christmas magic any day of the year. Whether you’re a high roller or a casual gamer, Deck the Halls promises festive fun, delightful rewards, and an avalanche of cherished memories. Dive in and let the merriment begin!