If the gaming industry has achieved something, it is extending to all tastes by adding themes, bonuses and special features that make them an attractive entertainment element for all ages – admitted -, gender and preferences.

From traditional fruits to romantic comedies and Broadway musicals; all get a place in the theme of slots attracting users who are dazzled by the sophisticated designs, cheerful music and icons that are in perpetual movement, showing how there are no limits for casinos.

In that sense, there are tastes that are not at all extraordinary. You get slots of feminine themes, superheroes or with certain alterations of the original that you like so much. On the other hand, some inspirations for the slot machines are usually somewhat eccentric; and urban fantasy is the clear representation that sometimes, even in the most mundane games, what is different is necessary.

To this kind of fantasy theme, users add the kindness that is done with special prizes. Its alien icons and the mythological creatures of its interface acquire more strength and popularity when the characteristics of the bonus round are read and experienced with it lives and direct.

The Urban Fantasy admits a whole range dedicated to the entertainment of the punters. While these make their movements, turn the rollers and wait for the results of the reels, the reality ceases to exist in a certain way. However, before entering into this trance of entertainment, it is worth evaluating which machines are currently the most profitable to bet on.

The revolution of the monkeys

When the most outlandish and intelligent ideas come together, they can be slots in which chimpanzees are the masters and lords of the world, human beings return to the stage of evolution and players, of course, receive eternal doses of fun.

This machine, an invention of Boom Games that sticks to the most bizarre revolutionary characteristics of history, shows within its interface to primates, led by the gorilla, appropriating the White House and making theirs in a slot that does not It can be considered nothing less than idyllic.

It is unusually funny, especially because it consists of four reels with the same number of rows and an extension of sixteen pay lines. Its special functions, on the other hand, are a subject to which we must be very attentive, especially if it is multiplying wildcards.

On the other hand, the icons are also worthy of mention. The machines of Urban Fantasy, in this case, include chemical products, flasks and a whole set of laboratories that, perhaps, have something to do with the world domination that monkeys aim to exercise in the world. About them, the most emblematic characters of the game are the Gorilla Chief, the hostages, graffiti, skulls, and cigarettes, a gangster gang starring chimpanzees.

The multiplier driver

Car racing may sound like an uninteresting concept on the subject of Urban Fantasy, but when the pilot named Jette has pink hair and competes with other men with excessively manly features, this NetEnt slot machine acquires its atypical character.

It is not known with certainty that it astonishes the players more: if its 15 pay lines, the rivals of Jette: Bruiser, Twitch, and Hamaki, or the five drums that show off on the device. The speed of the multipliers goes from the range 1 to 5 and the rollers can activate them at any time.

Free throws are also a very characteristic element of this Urban Fantasy slot. The Scatter Race Starter symbols are activated once they are aligned on the screen and fill players with more than 10 free rounds that they can use for their convenience.

The race drivers, the Nitro formula and the different characters are increasing the range of the multipliers. The bonuses become juicier and the characters who are apparently the antagonists of the story, award special prizes.

Diamond steam

If you look from a general perspective, diamonds are not a very special element in casino games. In fact, many female themed slots adopt them in their icons as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and luxury that remains inherent in these objects.

However, no machine showed before a diamond that, as a type of cigarette, could be inhaled to reach the ecstasy of splendor with this precious mineral. Diamond Vaper, from the Endorphina company, achieves everything with its icons, bonus rounds and, of course, the free throws that are won round after round.

The interface is composed, of course, of electronic cigarettes, Vape bars with fruit and the Diamond Vaper symbol that uncovers a number of rounds of free spins that literally amaze most players.

Although its multipliers and rounds of cash are not as attractive as a good electronic cigarette, this game that mixes two of the most interesting addictions of people, cannot go unnoticed in this theme of Urban Fantasy that is created, especially, for players of eccentric preferences.

Blast, Boom, Bang

With the previous slot machine, it has become clear that Endorphin’s ideas about gambling are rare. From there as a result that another of its devices is within this list that summarizes the most special and iconic of Urban Fantasy.

In that sense, Blast Boom Bang, a kind of onomatopoeia that describes the explosions, represents this machine with 50 pay lines. The superheroes come to save, becoming the protagonists of this game.

On the other hand, not only these monopolize all the protagonist, other 13 symbols, which include some decks of the poker deck, show off within this game and unlock rounds of bonuses that include, of course, additional turns.

In Blast Boom Bang, the antagonist gets in the way of the male and female heroes, also building the most important icons of the game. These characters are joined by a punch, a motorcycle, a pump and, of course, the logo of the game that unleashes special characteristics.

When three or more of these elements come together, they create the most interesting bonuses, but it’s the 10 free throws that definitely take the icing on the cake in terms of popularity.

A night in Paris

BetSoft has incredible slots that have managed to stand out, among other things, thanks to its modern animations and interfaces. That’s why, with such creativity and professionalism when it comes to designing your slot machines, it could not be left out of this list.

With One Night in Paris, the company sets the players in the world of vandalism. While the rounds are happening, you know the most enormous adventures of Jacques, an art thief from the French city. As the game progresses, players discover a disturbing truth: the vandal is about, nothing less, than the museum guard.

The Parisian culture is permeated in all the elements of this game, and icons are no exception. The most distinctive element, of course, is the security guard, but there is also a croissant, the emblematic Eiffel Tower, two doves, vases and priceless sculptures and, of course, couples in love with the city’s scenery.

Instant rewards are activated as the game progresses and the most interesting options are unlocked, including cash prizes, free throws and a fantastic selection of multipliers whose sole objective is to fill the pockets of the bettors and allow them to feel, live and direct, the wonders of Urban Fantasy.

Diving into the mesmerizing world of Urban Fantasy within the gaming sphere, it’s clear that this genre transcends mere mechanics and potential rewards. It’s about crafting an experience that fully immerses players in a universe brimming with wonder and intrigue. Take ‘Mystical Forest’, a gem from Fantasy Slots Inc., for example. This game isn’t just about spinning reels; it’s an invitation to wander through an enchanted landscape where mythical beings and ancient enigmas come alive. Amidst a canopy of lush foliage, underscored by haunting melodies, players encounter symbols of magic and mystery – unicorns, whispering fairies, cryptic runes, and trees that seem to hold ancient secrets. Here, the bonus round isn’t just an extra feature; it’s an epic quest, weaving through the woods in search of hidden treasures, infusing a sense of adventure into the familiar slot game structure.

Shifting gears to ‘Steampunk Heist’, a creation of GearGamble, we see a fusion of Victorian industrial flair with futuristic visions. Here, players are thrust into an audacious plot alongside a crew of steampunk renegades. Imagine a realm where steam-driven machinery and digital dreams collide. The game, with its five reels and thirty pay lines, is a playground of imagination, filled with symbols that echo a bygone era – gears meshing with goggles, airships soaring through skies, and intricate mechanical devices. The highlight? A mini-game where players engage in a safe-cracking escapade, adding a layer of interaction and skill to the traditional slot experience.

Then there’s ‘Neon Nights’, the brainchild of City Slots, which redefines the Urban Fantasy genre with its neon-lit, cyberpunk aesthetic. Picture a city, bathed in the glow of neon, a soundtrack pulsating with electronic beats. Symbols here are not mere images; they’re holographic projections and neon masterpieces, depicting a future both thrilling and untamed. This game breaks new ground with its use of augmented reality – players can literally transform their surroundings into a vibrant, neon-drenched metropolis, blurring the lines between game and reality.

These examples signify a remarkable evolution in slot machines. They’ve morphed from straightforward gambling apparatuses into elaborate narratives that offer a comprehensive entertainment experience. The integration of diverse themes, compelling storylines, and interactive bonus rounds signifies a shift in the industry’s focus. Now, it’s about reaching out to a wider audience, extending beyond the traditional gambler.

In summing up, Urban Fantasy in slot gaming is more than a passing fad; it’s a mirror reflecting the industry’s flexibility and its zest for innovation. These games blend enthralling stories with the excitement of gambling, offering a form of escapism that’s unique and captivating. They stand out as a choice for players seeking more than just the standard slot machine fare. As technology continues to advance, we can eagerly await even more revolutionary developments in this enthralling genre, further fusing the worlds of gaming, storytelling, and interactive play.